A recent article published in the American academy of pediatrics sheds new light on the Exposure to E-Cigarettes

May 2016

A recent article titled "Pediatric Exposure to E-Cigarettes, Nicotine, and Tobacco Products in the United States" reveals data showing an alarming change in youth-related e-cigarette use. Kamboj et al (2016) states:

"The monthly number of exposures associated with e-cigarettes increased by 1492.9% during the study period. Children <2 years old accounted for 44.1% of e-cigarette exposures, 91.6% of cigarette exposures, and 75.4% of other tobacco exposures. Children exposed to e-cigarettes had 5.2 times higher odds of a health care facility admission and 2.6 times higher odds of having a severe outcome than children exposed to cigarettes. One death occurred in association with a nicotine liquid exposure." (emboldening added)

The full article can be seen here: